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Data cleansing

Business data decays at a rate of 35% per year - do nothing and over 1/3rd of your database will be out of date within 12 months.

The Data shop can cleanse and enhance your business data. "Gone aways", badly formed and unmarketable addresses, company and staff name changes, duplicates and profanities can all be cleaned up as well as adding missing information such as telephone numbers, business type and SIC codes.

Before you buy new equipment for your company, typically you will consider the cost benefit, ROI, operational efficiency and the time needed to operate the new equipment. The same should apply to your data, its not just a matter of the original cost.

Poor data quality can adversely affect lead generation, by not only increasing time and effort required for sales and marketing, drag our menial administration tasks but potentially cause significant reputational damage.

So what is the true cost of the bad data quality to your business?

To answer the question you must define data quality. Data quality can be defined by 4 C’s:

  • complete
  • current
  • correct
  • consistent

Have a look at your sales contact database, the life blood of your business. Ask yourself, is the data recorded in each cell of the worksheet, correct? Are the contact names, telephone numbers, email details all right? Wrong data leads to bounce backs, returned mails, lost sales opportunities!

Are there any gaps? When was it last updated? Can you be assured the information is still current? 10% annual staff turnover means that everyone has changed in 7 years. Businesses constantly change and so will your contacts and the opportunities. Supporting your staff to work more accurately and hence more efficiently can win you more opportunities and more business.

Do all your records look consistent? If not, then that's another area where our experience really can help you.

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